Website Grader Offers Valuable Information For Free

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Do you want to know whether or not your website is performing up to its potential? While you may certainly have a great deal of knowledge centering on your business, you may not know what makes a good website and how to determine whether or not yours is one of them. Instead of allowing a potentially poorly performing website to exist on the web and not work to your advantage, you should look for ways in which you can determine the worth of your website.

Website Grader does exactly that. As the name implies, Website Grader has the ability to grade your website based on its overall performance. Is your website or business a commonly occurring topic in the social media realm among users? Is it encountering issues revolving around SEO? Is there a general lack of traffic in terms of the volume of visitors on a daily basis? Wherever your website is lacking, Website Grader will find these areas through its detailed analysis. In fact, Website Grader will provide you with this report for free. All you have to do is enter your website URL and your report will be automatically generated. You can then take this report and use it to your advantage by improving upon the weak spots identified by Website Grader.

There are several things you will notice in the report generated by Website Grader. First and foremost, you may notice the grade given to your website. This grade is based upon a combination of your website’s strengths and weaknesses. Even if your website was given a high score by Website Grader, there will undoubtedly be ways in which you can improve upon your website even further. Website Grader will also evaluate a number of other aspects of your website, including the number of images and the presence of metadata. Website Grader will then let you know whether or not your website contains too much, or too little, of each of these aspects, thus helping you to create the perfect balance within your website. In these ways, Website Grader can greatly help you when it comes to boosting your website’s SEO performance, and ultimately increasing traffic and profits.

SEO Benchmark Reports

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An SEO benchmark report is a report that will tell you how well your particular website is doing in the search engines. You can find out the website position and rank for certain keywords in an SEO benchmark report. Another thing that is included in an SEO benchmark report is the nature of your competition that using the same keyword or phrases. Getting an SEO benchmark report is one of the best ways to find out what the website strengths and weaknesses are.

Website owners can get their SEO benchmark report from SEO firms. All you have to do is contact one and request their services. The website owner will be usually be given an analysis form to fill out. Once filled out with all the pertinent information, an analysis of the site can be done and the SEO benchmark report issued to you by the SEO firm. Since search engine optimization should be done on a continuing basis, more than one SEO benchmark report will be done on the site. These reports give valuable information for site owner to determine the current SEO effectiveness and provide a good visual aid to the site owner who is following the SEO work being done on their site.

An SEO firm can be hired to do the continued monthly SEO maintenance for a website. The improvement and continuous ability to maintain a high ranking takes a lot of work that needs to be ongoing. An SEO firm will usually give their clients monthly or bi monthly SEO benchmark reports. A good SEO firm will make it possible for their clients to sign up for their SEO benchmark web statistics tracking services. The client will then be able to get the information they need on all kinds of things, such as bounce rates, entry and exit pages, load times, where the visitors are coming from, etc.

Website owners that sign up to receive SEO benchmark reports will be able to avoid making costly mistakes in their efforts to promote their sites. The site owner will also have a better understanding of what to use for target phrases and keywords to reach their targeted audience better. The bottom line is that the SEO benchmark report is an important tool that every website owner should sign up for if they hope to increase the amount of targeted traffic to their site.

Free web grader

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I have been researching high-quality website graders. I am not satisfied. And you should not be either. Here’s how the average web grader goes. You put in your URL, it spins for a while, then it spits out some information. The average webgrader will include things such as, number of backlinks, page rank, perhaps the keywords you rank on, and then a bunch of onsite seo stuff. Most of the onsite SEO stuff is fairly useless. Yes, useless. The title tag is important. The density of critical keywords is important. But much of the other stuff is fluff. It doesn’t really tell you how your website will rank in the major search engines. What’s missing?


You should be benchmarking your website against competitors in a similar space as yours. A high quality web grader should be giving you the dirt on how you stack up against others who want to rank on the same terms as you. After all, these are the real competition in the search engines for you… How many backlinks do they have? How many backlinks do you have? What are your relative positions in the search engines. To me, a good web grader will address SEO from an off-site perspective since it is SO much more important than the onsite stuff which you probably already have covered.

Also, I want to see root domains linking to me, not Yahoo Site explorer backlink counts. Those suck.  First of all, Yahoo has been declining in accuracy for years. I suspect they will shut down the site explorer backlink counts soon. Secondly, they count raw links. You want to know root domain links as these are MUCH more important for ranking. And you want to know root domain backlinks in relation to your competitors – again benchmarking.  A good webgrader will have this for you…. Where can you find this for free?