Get Your Website Graded by an SEO Firm’s Free Webgrader

One of the best ways to find out if your website is working is by using an online webgrader tool to get a free report. With a webgrader tool you simply enter in your website url and the url of your competition. A free webgrader report can be sent directly to your email by the SEO firm that is making their free tool available. Anyone can use a free webgrader and get an all important grading report back on their website. Why would the tool be free? The reason is simple, once you see how your site is graded you will think really seriously about hiring professional SEO services to increase the success of your online site.

Using a webgrader will be helpful to find out how well your website is doing and how much traffic it is getting. Another thing that the tool will do is to analyze your site of SEO problems and let you know if your site is showing up in social media sites. In other words, webgrader grades your website based on a multiple factors, not just your traffic. These factors can all make a real difference in how well your site will rank in the major search engines.

You can find this free tool online by searching the term webgrader. The tool is useful to help you and the SEO company that you may want to hire to improve the google page rank for your site. At the very least, you will have a comprehensive report on your site and it just takes a minute to enter in the information to get started. Once you use webgrader you may be surprised. Most people think that their website is doing better than it really is. In fact, it can be pretty sobering once you realize where your site is online.

Webgrader tool will analyze the website based on proprietary algorithms using over 50 variables. Some of the things that will be analyzed by webgrader are website structure, site performance, the amount of traffic and search engine data. Blog activity is also analyzed as well as the links leading back to your site. The readability of your site will also be graded. You will also get domain information. Webgrader is really one of the most useful tools that any site owner can use online. Best of all, webgrader is absolutely free to use.


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