Grade Your Website

Do you know how well your website is doing in the major search engines? Is it search engine optimized correctly? Are there any mistakes in your SEO? Does it need improving and if it does, what areas need improving the most? These questions and more can be answered if you use a website grader tool to grade your website. A web site grader tool will also grade your competitor’s website for you so you can see if they are doing better than your site in the search engines. Another piece of good news is that you can use a free web grader online to grade your website.

When you grade your website you will get a report back that will give you a quick snap shot of how well your site is doing online. You can grade your website for free. You don’t have to pay to use a free online tool. You can find some SEO firms that allow you to grade your website by using their web grader. People use to pay for this service, but more and more now, you can grade your website for free. SEO firms are allowing the use of their web grader tool in order to be helpful. However, SEO firms are also banking on the fact that after your grade your website you will want to use their services to improve its website ranking.

When you go to grade your website you will enter in your websites URL. You will then get all kinds of valuable information about your website sent to you in a report that will come in your email after you grade your website. The number one reason to grade your website is so that you can find areas that need improving. The use of a web grader tool will help you find ways to make your website more search engine friendly. Making your website more search engine friendly is the best way to improve the number of visitor your website gets since your site will come up more often in the search results.


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