Grader Tools Online

A good web grader can be an invaluable tool for anyone that has a website. If you want to know your website’s strengths and weaknesses, as far as SEO goes, use a web grader tool to find out. You can find a free grader tools on some SEO websites, such as on Once you use a grader you will be surprised at how poorly your website is doing if you have never used professional SEO services. Once you see the score you will definitely want to avail yourself of professional SEO services. This is why some SEO firms allow the free use of their tools to grade their websites for free.

When you use the online tool it will go over your website and you will get a report back. Usually the report from the web grader will go to the email you give. You’ll find out all kinds of things about what the web grader tool graded. For instance, the speed in which the home pages loads. You will also get to use the web grader toll to see your page rank. You’ll also get to find out about your competitors SEO grade when you use a web grader tool as well.

The report you get back will tell you how many back links you have and where they are located. You’ll also learn the number of your web pages that are indexed in Google, Bing and Yahoo. Online tools like this give you data on Meta data, domain info, directories your web page is listed on and more. When you use a web grader tool you have the option to enter in your competitors web address. You can then see how well you are doing stacked up to them. Look for a web grader tool today. You can find them for sale you can use the free ones. There are various ones available online.

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