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Improving the quality and performance of a website is an easy task once you’ve discovered where errors and problems exist. The only way to find areas of opportunities when analyzing a website’s quality and performance is by using the right tools. In other words, using website grading tools is needed in order to grade your website. Accuracy is needed to grade your website correctly, and not all tools are created equal. Therefore, webmasters must know what major search engines pay attention to in order to find the appropriate grading tools.

First of all, submitting a website to several directories is a must. If you use the right tools when you grade your website, then you should see the quality and quantity of your website’s submissions. Second of all, page rank is an extremely important factor to pay attention to when trying to establish a decent amount of traffic to a site. It’s imperative that you use the right tools to grade your website when reviewing your site’s page rank. Offsite optimization elements like inbound links are also extremely important as well.

Using the right tools to grade your website should involve a complete analysis of all the inbound links that are pointing to your site. Webmasters must also pay attention to the amount of pages that are indexed in major search engines. Indexed pages are important, and using the right tools to grade your website allows you to discover which pages are indexed in certain search engines. Keywords and key phrases both contribute to the quality of a website because they are used to measure the relevancy of a website.

Analyzing keywords and key phrases is best done with website grading tools. It’s imperative to monitor and analyze the quality of your keywords and key phrases when you grade your website. Keyword density for onsite content is a major factor that search engines pay attention to when grading your site. Therefore, using the right tools when you grade your website should result in acquiring in depth information about the keyword density of your onsite content. Your ability to grade your website is totally reliant on the tools and resources that are available for website grading.

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