Web Graders and SEOs

Many SEO companies use a web grader to preliminarily evaluate how well your website meets benchmarks that are required for search engines to recognize your site and distribute the link to targeted search results. SEO benchmarking gives the company an approximate idea as to how well you’ve done on your own and how much work your content will need. Web graders are also offered on a number of sites for free that companies can use as an SEO grader, to see how the use of SEO services have improved your online visibility. Some SEO services will offer a complimentary website grader so that you can have an idea of how SEO services can enhance your online experience.

Web graders do not always use a linear grading system like the one used in mainstream education, but once you understand the importance of the terms and numbers many graders use, it is fairly simple to see whether or not your website meets benchmarks that determine its visibility. Many of these measurements are comparative, meaning that they don’t have meaning without the general trend of a certain product, market, or website group to see how the website is doing in relation to its peers. It measures in complete terms your monthly traffic value, which just shows the amount of hits your website gets. They also perform keyword research, with many of the web graders sponsored by actual SEO companies getting keyword results on a regular basis from Google AdWords and similar companies. It is important to find a web grader that is associated with an SEO company or an SEO reseller, as they are the experts in the field. However, with an SEO web grader, you will usually only get a snapshot of your website’s current viability. If you purchase SEO services or contract the company, they can and will track and trend the numbers for your website.


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