Grading A Website

To ensure that relevant and reliable content is found on the web, Google and many of the other large search engines will employ the use of a website grader to scan the content of a website in order to ensure that an SEO benchmark has been met in regards to web content being cast forward. The website grader is not meant to scare anybody or make anyone feel like they are back in school. The website grader is similar to a check and balances that provides SEO benchmarking of sites that will show up when a particular search term is used by the internet web browser.

When a website grader goes through the digital content on a website, they will look to grade your website on the content it provides and will determine if the content on the website seems to be a fit for certain search terms. The website grader will also take into account how many web visits your website has received over a given period of time. Should many people come to visit your website, the website grader will conclude that you must be providing some form of content that is attracting users and is making them want to visit you. If the visits are prolonged, this will bode well with the website grader because it will consider you to be reliable amongst viewers.

In order to make sure that the internet search engines maintain their level of trust among the public, a website grader in necessary. Anyone can write something up and throw it up on the web to be seen by the masses. We want to make sure that information that is actually relevant, true, and interesting to the masses manages to get the best presence online when searched for. By understanding the concept of a website grader as being a tool to ensure this sort of reliability for everyone, we can better make web designers aware of what they create because it will not be so easy to


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