Use a benchmark to measure an SEO campaign

As most people know, a benchmark is something that is used to measure progress. For those looking to improve their websites ranking in the online search engines, setting an SEO benchmark is a good first step. Before such a benchmark is set however, there are a few things that will probably need to take place. The first thing that a competent SEO firm can do, is to use a webgrader. This comprehensive tool can grade your website, and see what kinds of improvements will need to be made in order to get a higher search engine ranking, and more website traffic.

Once a website has been evaluated, the crew at the search marketing firm will know what it needs. Some websites may benefit from a PPC advertising campaign, which others could use some help with SEO writing. Either way, a benchmark can be set. Using data from the SEO grader, web marketing analysts will be able to set a reasonable expectation for progress. From that point on, that progress can be measured each month.

If a month goes by and the benchmark is surpassed, the client company will know that they made the right decision. If however, they are noticing that a few months have passed and no positive results are coming about, they may want to take a closer look at what is going on. Judging things against a benchmark can be a terrific way to make sure that a clients money is not being wasted on something.

Such standards can be used for a wide variety of campaigns, from SEO and PPC to onsite blogging and social media outreach, there are dozens of combinations that could benefit a website. By measuring each against a reasonable benchmark, clients will be able to see progress as it comes in. It will also help that each measure of progress, or lack thereof, will be explained by an experienced analyst. That way, no one has to feel left in the dark about their SEO campaign.

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