Using an Online Webgrader Helps Websites Know What to Improve

When you are running a website, it is important to understand how well your pages are doing and what content sets are drawing the most people to your site. You might run a company related blog you really like, for example, but the blog is not doing much for you if it turns out that it draws fifty percent less site traffic than other pages of your site. In that case, you might need to reevaluate the effectiveness of your writing, and whether you can be more conscientious about including key words and phrases that search engines will pick up on.

Many websites find it useful to use website graders in order to determine how well their website is operating. What will a web grader do? There are many aspects to successful website composition, and the web grader will fill you in on how your site measures up in a number of ways. A web grader can tell you, for example, how well social media marketing is working for your company. Are people engaging with it? Is it easy enough to find? Are you posting enough? Are you running social media friendly ads that draw more people to your site? Et cetera. These sort of questions are what you will start to have answers for when you grade your website.

An online webgrader will also let you know if your website is mobile compatible, if you have a high enough number of pages, how well your domain authority scores, and whether you have a site title, description, and key words.

A web grader can also give you meaningful feedback on how well you are performing with SEO benchmarks. This is useful to companies whether they pay for SEO services, use SEO techniques in house, or merely want to know how well their site stacks up comparatively. SEO benchmarks are, of course, benchmarks you use as goals for further marketing and networking. Perhaps you want a hundred new unique users a week, or a twenty percent gain in site hits over the course of a month. Webgrading tools are useful in determining if you have hit your SEO benchmarks, but also, what you will need to do in order to get to the next SEO benchmark.

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