Trying to Improve Your Site Rank? Familiarize Yourself with These SEO Tips

Did you know that Google fields over one billion searches every day? Often, these searches are by people looking for products or services. For businesses, it is becoming increasingly important to take advantage of the market that search engine results provide. Web visibility, in fact, often hinges on how high a site ranks in search results. You can have the best site design or products on the web, but if no one ever finds your website, it will be difficult to significantly increase your customer base.

Studies on web searches show that about 80 percent of people never click on sponsored ads that appear at the top of search results, so paid advertising alone will not do the trick. Content focused search engine optimization is the answer to this problem. SEO helps websites climb higher in organic rankings. Since it is a growing marketing field, there are many SEO companies out there, and many tips besides that you can use in your own time to help increase your site rank.

One tool search engine optimization companies often use is SEO web graders. These applications tell users how well websites are performing, and what consumers are doing before and after they come to the site. In other words, they are website analyzers that measure site function as well as consumer behavior.

Most web graders will tell you, for example, what queries or words brought them to your page. From this, you can determine which keywords to use more often in your content, in order to increase your rankings for those specific search terms. An SEO grader can also tell you how long people stay on each page, what time of the day they are most likely to visit, which pages are most popular, et cetera. All this information can be used, in turn, to create better and more focused content.

Some web graders will give you a grade based on how much content you publish, and how much social media marketing you engage in, compared to what you should be doing for a website of your type and size. For example, did you know that 40 percent of US companies have a blog on their website? This is not accidental, but a reflection of the SEO marketing belief that content is king. Websites with blogs on them have four times as many pages for site indexing, which impacts how important Google algorithms judge the site to be. If you do not have a blog, the web grader will mark you lower and suggest adding a blog as a benchmark for improvement.

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