The Beginnings of Kelvix Lighting – Business Success Tips

The family at the home of your choice. This is a video about how the lighting company Kelvix Lighting, got its start. Brent Newman, the principal of Kelvix Lighting tells it.

Brent was contacted to assist on a construction project for a restaurant. This is the way the business was born. He saw a stunning array of micro-LED lighting within a wine cellar. The contractor requested the packing materials, but he said to Brent that the package had been reused. Brent headed to the garbage bin, and then began looking through the trash bins. He finally found the packaging for the LED light. Then, he did more research, found the manufacturer, visited themand asked them to create products for his needs. This was the beginning of Kelvix.

Brent says that the greatest feature of his company is that customers are not presented with products that are similar to his. However, it takes time for clients to get used to something brand new, and are keen to confirm that it is actually working. Kelvix’s engineers and designers can help clients to speed this up, and ensure their products have been tested and reliable.


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