Is there really any value in a website grader tool?

I think so. But let’s keep it in perspective. Website graders are a great way to give your website a little tune-up. They are like the checklist that the guys at JiffyLube use when they evaluate the major systems in your car. This is good hygiene and something you should do every now and again. Believe or not, your website can fall out of alignment from time to time- just like your car.  If you use your web presence to generate business, you will want to keep it tuned up.

I think the best website graders have a healthy does of offsite SEO in addition to the millions that really focus on onsite SEO. These website graders are going to dive into your backlink profile in depth. They will help you understand no only want’s wrng with your onsite SEO, they will make suggestions for your offsite SEO. This is links, and says that it’s 70% responsible for why you rank in Google’s search engine (or don’t). When deciding which webs grader will guide your thinking, you want to look at their focus.

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